Bird List as of July 2016

  Philippine Duck  Anas luzonica King Quail (Blue-breasted Quail) Excalfactoria chinensis Cinnamon Bittern  Ixobrychus cinnamomeus Eastern Cattle Egret (Cattle Egret) Bubulcus coromandus Grey Heron  Ardea cinerea Purple Heron  Ardea purpurea Great Egret  Ardea alba Intermediate Egret  Egretta intermedia Little Egret  Egretta garzetta Philippine Serpent Eagle (Crested Serpent-Eagle) Spilornis holospilus HO Japanese Sparrowhawk  Accipiter gularis Pied Harrier  Circus melanoleucos Brahminy Kite  Haliastur indus Barred Rail  Gallirallus torquatus Buff-banded … Continue reading Bird List as of July 2016


Albizia acle Family: Fabaceae Reference: GREENIN Philippines website Origin: I’m not so sure, but it appears to be indigenous to the Philippines and also found in Indonesia and Celebes Uses: The wood is one of the best materials for cabinet-making because of its color, good grain quality, and durability. It is also used for gunstocks, carvings, … Continue reading Akle

Trail Camera Test

How do you observe wildlife without disturbing them? With a trail camera! A trail camera is motion-activated camera that takes videos or stills. It’s also known as a camera trap. It runs on rechargeable batteries, has a waterproof housing, and can be left outdoors. A crittercam is something else, it’s a camera that you attach to an animal so you can … Continue reading Trail Camera Test

Bitaog or Palomaria

Callophyllum inophyllum Family: Clusiaceae Common Names: Bitaog, Palomaria, Ballnut, Alexandrian Laurel, Beauty  Leaf, Laurel Wood, Indian Laurel Reference: Philippine Native Trees 101 Origin: indigenous to the Philippines. Also found in East Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia to the Pacific islands; usually found in sandy beaches and coastal thickets Uses: All parts of the tree … Continue reading Bitaog or Palomaria

Travel Sketching

“Why do you keep sketching the same scene?” This is something often asked of me while I’m sitting at the veranda sketching the view. Because I’m practicing! This is also the answer for: Why do you keep buying sketchbooks? Why do you keep buying fountain pens? Why do you keep buying paint? Why do you keep … Continue reading Travel Sketching